Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is something which is very close to our hearts. Our associate’s collective experiences of over three decades in different types of Corporate structures and serving at various levels with that corporate structure.

Apart from the plus series programs we also do in the banner of Leadership Unlimited series the following programs.

Transformation of Personality (TOP)

Understanding of different personalities and developing effective communication skills with different kind of personalities. It's very effective and requires a minimum of 12 people to make it real fun. Engagement time: 3 hours

Total Transformational Emersion (TTE)

This is a very exhaustive training which is conducted offsite for 3 days or 5 days. It's high intense where the group is divided in four teams. They go through things like Vision Boarding, Goal Settings, Attention Management, Group Exercises, Elevator Speech, Handling Objections, Developing Winning Proposals, Storytelling, Exercises, Book Reviews, etc. The whole aim is to develop the Self Image and Self Confidence of the participants. Typically done in group of 15 & above.

Transformational Leadership (TL)

This is a 2 hours training designed to develop the leadership skills of an individual or group of people. typically done for 8 or more people.

Note: All our training uses leader board, and few uses gamification too.