Our Meetups

Are you ready to be a better you to achieve your goals?

We are now 4600 plus strong and our Entrepreneur, Personal Growth and Networking Mind Group is going places. We currently operate in Melbourne, VIC and Canberra, ACT.

You have travelled from far with hopes and dreams to this land that has “fair dinkum” as one of its value – the real gold.

Everyone deserves a better chance, is it not? So that’s why we say ….

Life is beautiful, and belief is powerful. Marry the two, and Transformation is born

With Transformationplus, we believe that your trip through life will see its fullness from within and change yourself to shape it just the way you always wanted it to be, right?

  • Is the daily grind wearing you down?
  • Do you wish to develop your leadership skills to get ahead in life?
  • Are you tired of negativity around you and being tied to a corporate tread mill?
  • Do you wish you know more people whom you can relate to and leverage their knowledge and skills?

If the answer is “Yes”. Then we intend to provide you with an environment to have self-belief, to collaborate and to lead.

  • We value people and their experiences, so we organise workshops with uplifting speakers from all walks of life, sharing their journeys and their approach to solving the challenges. We facilitate interactions with people who volunteer to share their wisdom.
  • With us, you are about to make that life-changing trip a little differently. You are here because you have seen all that can go horribly wrong — the trials and tribulations, the dips and slips, the losses and failures.
  • You are here because you believe that this is something that can make a difference to your current situation — the joys and triumphs, the leaps and bounds, the gains and victories.
  • You are here because you are convinced about a trip that will be easy and never lonely — you are ready for a transformation with a plus.

We use the famous meetup platform to orchestrate these association. You can click here to go to our special page and register for the event near your city.